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today has been a bumpy one.

3 ups, 3 downs, and a helpful tip for expectant moms (jump to the end if you just want the tip) after the jump…

first I found out Patrick’s grandfather is in the hospital because he began coughing up blood clots last night. they’re running tests today, but no word yet. any positive thoughts or prayers you could send his way would mean a lot to me.
he’s the only grandfather I’ve known and I cannot begin to describe to you what an amazing man he is.

after I got out of the shower, still unable to get my head on straight, I heard Payton going bananas downstairs. I look out the window only to see 4 County Sheriff cars in front of my house (!!!!!).
I ran outside to see what was wrong and learned our neighbors (the ones we love, not the rude ones) are being evicted.
I cannot imagine. they have two daughters (ages 8 and 16) and have been the nicest neighbors we could have hoped for. my heart is breaking for them.

it didn’t help that my afternoon following was a scheduled procedure at the OB/GYN to determine if I’d need a more serious procedure after the baby is born.
unfortunately, the results were inconclusive so I have to wait until 3-6 months postpartum to do this test again.

I hate whining and complaining and using this space to do so, but this is where my head and heart are today.

my good friend did treat me to a half-caff peppermint mocha followed by pedicures and a trip to the police station to check on my car seat installation (there’s a car seat in my car, people!!!!), all of which were wonderful, so there’s no lack of love in my heart or appreciation for the wonderful people around me.

on that note, if you’re an expectant mother, I cannot recommend this highly enough: schedule an appointment with your local police officer (every village has at LEAST one emergency officer (police or fire) or community volunteer who has been trained to verify car seat installation and review safety protocol) to check on your car seat.

he was the nicest man and was not only able to give me tips on the car seat and accessories (hint: do NOT buy a bunch of accessories - only the seats are government-tested for crash safety) but also reviewed a variety of important safety laws and suggestions based on his experience.

for example, I always thought weight was the determining factor in when a child should be front-facing and when they were allowed in the front seat, but it’s not weight - it’s age (because it has to do with the maturity of the bone structure, not the size of the human - SO INFORMATIVE!).

that’s about it.

waiting for Patrick to get home from his trip to Denver then a girls night tonight with two of my favorites.

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